Kathy's New Book:
Life is a Kaleidoscope
Photo: Life is A Kaleidoscope

Life Is a Kaleidsoscope

Photo: Life is a KaleidoscopeLife Is a Kaleidsoscope is a potpourri of short vignettes that celebrate the joy of family life. From reaching out to help a toddler take her first steps, to watching as adult children marry into lives of their own----a mother's memories span a million miles on the road to parenting.

Kathy captures the readers heart with her sentimental musings on the things that matter most----the ups, downs, tears and happiness that are sprinkled throughout everyday life.

Life Is A Kaleidoscope is a touching tribute to family and friends.

To receive an autographed copy please send a check or money order for $13.95 (includes shipping and handling) to me~

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