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The day I found out I was going to be a grandma I was knee deep in last minute things to do for Christmas.  Our daughter had just been married and we were barely recuperated from that big event when we had all the Yuletide celebrations to deal with.  My husband and I promised each other that we would slow down after the holidays. It had been a crazy year - with 2 daughters getting married within 16 months of each other.  Add to that the addition of a new puppy and you have 2 exhausted middle aged parents looking for a much needed break. Yes, after the holiday we vowed to put the brakes on - slow down a bit and not let life get us so frazzled.  We were going to stop and really smell the roses instead of rushing through life trying to manage anything and everything that comes our way.  That, of course, was before the big news.

It began as a  a casual phone conversation, with my daughter, Katie, that left me speechless.  She non-chalantly mentioned that she had taken a home pregnancy test but that she would be going to the doctor's the next day to either confirm or deny a positive result.But there was one thing -- I wasn't able to say a word to anyone, and that included my husband.  Her appointment was set for 2:00 p.m. the following afternoon.  I hung up the phone, giddy with excitement, knowing it would be the longest 20 hours of my life. We were out to lunch the next afternoon when Katie finally called my cell phone. She invited me to go shopping with her, saying she'd pick me up.  Not one word was mentioned about her Dr's visit and I didn't want to ask.

Walking into the house we were greeted by Katie and her new husband, Seth,both with matching bright, wide smiles that could only mean one thing.  And then she spilled the surprise--our little girl was going to have a baby!  But, wait- that also translates into something else - We were going to be grandparents!  Did I just say GRANDPARENTS?! 

Oh my gosh, it's almost hard to believe even as I type these words that are causing my eyes to tear up.   My baby is going to have a baby of her own. Words cannot even begin to describe what I'm feeling -  but I have a hunch that any of you who are grandparents out there know exactly what I'm feeling right now.  There are simply no words for what the heart feels.

When I first began to  pen these thoughts for this column Christmas was right around the corner.  There was still so much to be done but something had changed with our mind set. We no longer stressed about all the little loose ends that had to be tied up.  Christmas came and went as visions of our first grandchild danced in our heads.

We have lots to do. We are planning to  turn her old room into a nursery for when our  grandchild visits. Soon I'll have a baby shower to plan.  Thank you Lord for I was looking for something to organize!

And with this news comes the realization that from here on in nothing will ever be the same for us. We will be grandparents.  Just when we thought we needed a break we find out that we better get use to the happy, unpredictable happenings that will be our life.

For months now I have made mention of hoping that I would someday know the joys of being a grandma.  August 23rd is the expected due date. Though it seems like forever away I know I must practice patience. They say grand kids are God's blessing for surviving parenthood.  All I know is that God has given me an incredible gift - to watch my youngest child glow with the love and new found excitement of impending motherhood.