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Alexandra’s Locks Of Love

I have known Alexandra almost her whole life. She came to my daycare at the delicate age of three months and stayed until she went off to kindergarten, which was this past year. Binnie, as her mom so affectionately nicknamed her, was like the Energizer Bunny. She never stopped moving, never sat still or slowed down. No matter what was going on, at any given time, she was always a step or two ahead of the other children.

She has the sweet, outgoing personality of her mom and a heart of gold, giving attitude like her dad. I know that her character is partly the result of her parent's wholesome, faith based qualities but there is also a genuine sense of perception that is all Binnie. In all of her five years she has shown a unique sense of caring for others that truly surpasses her age. She has brought much joy to my days.

Knowing my absolute love for Coke Slurpees, this tiny tot would sometimes insist that her mom stop to get me one before work. Many a morning Heather would find herself in the middle of the breakfast rush at Burger King to get a frozen Coke me. Binnie's sole goal was to surprise me - and surprise me she did with her thoughtfulness.

For whatever reason Binnie hated when I'd refer to myself as an old lady. Usually I'd save this remark and dramatize the effect, as I'd try to cajole the kids into helping to pick up the toys. Whether Binnie saw right through the charade or saw me as just a big kid, I'll never know.
I'd like to treasure the memory as a compliment that she saw past the gray hairs to really appreciate the 'kid' in me.

As a toddler in my care Binnie was always slightly hyper, regularly rambunctious and always did everything with lots of love. Her antics awarded her the moniker, Binnie the bull. At five years old she still lives life large - with lots of love and plenty of pizzazz. But we no longer think of her as a bull in a China shop. She has grown into a little lady with a big heart. I see her only once in awhile now. She sometimes comes with her mom to pick up her little brother, David, who spends his toddler days with me.

The other day I commented on how long her hair has gotten. It's almost to her waist. When she explained her reason for growing it so long I realized just how grown up she had become.
She made up her mind she wasn't going to have it cut until it was long enough to donate it to Locks Of Love - A program that weaves human hair into wigs for children who have lost theirs due to cancer or illness.

Last week, Binnie and her mom had an appointment at the beauty salon. She was so excited because she knew she was doing a good deed. It is what motivated her to sit still and tall in the chair as the hairstylist cut the long ponytail of hair hanging down Binnie's back. I like to think of Binnie as an old soul in a young body. Most kids her age wouldn't even grasp the concept, let alone part with their hair to help a total stranger.
Locks Of Love is a wonderful program dedicated to helping children. It is a priceless opportunity for children to help other children by giving a selfless gift of themselves, something that - like love - will continue to grow.

If you would like more information on Locks Of Love please click on the link below.

Locks of Love