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Sunday At Mom’s

One thing I could always count on was Sunday dinners at Mom's. That was the day our family got together, feasted on a big meal of turkey, or some variety of roast, and afterward we'd play a few games of cards. It was my mother's favorite thing to do. When Mom became a grandmother all the cousins played downstairs together while we adults enjoyed each other's company.

Today, as I put a turkey in the oven I thought about those days gone by, at my mother's house on Sundays. It seems as though my family get togethers these days are becoming few and far between. The girls, with their busy schedules, don't have much free time. Lately we see them long enough for them to catch up on their laundry and then they're off - working, running errands or hanging out with their friends. I gave them fair notice that I was fixing a turkey today and soon they'll be here for dinner.

I thought coming to terms with our daughter's upcoming wedding would slowly ease us into our new role as empty nesters. Then the youngest informed us that she’d be moving out; into her own apartment. Up north is where it's at for the twenty something set, so with first month's rent and security deposit paid, she'll be moving away from home at the end of the month. The expression, 'When It Rains It Pours,' is showering my senses with a new reality that is accosting my essence of motherhood. Just like that, the house that use to boast a revolving door will now slam quietly shut.

I guess if I tried really hard I'd find reasons to celebrate this newfound independence. There will be more dinners for two and less time clearing up the mysterious clutter that nobody makes. I tell myself that now can be the opportunity to 'find' myself again - to do some of the things I put on hold to raise my kids. Bill and I can plan mini trips; sightseeing our way through the senior years.

As enticing as all this sounds I can't help but enter this new phase of life with just a tinge of trepidation. Sure it will be nice to have some extra closet space, though I'll miss my daughter taking up space on my bed as we engaged in late night chats. Today as I set the table and check on the turkey I'm thinking of my mother and wondering if this is how she felt as her own nest emptied out.

My daughters are moving out into lives of their own. But I hope they will find the same comfort in the familiar routine of coming home for dinner as I did many years ago. Today, as I find myself walking in step with my mother, I now know how she felt. I also know why it was so important to reserve a special day of togetherness while welcoming all the new beginnings that may await me. I'm looking forward to the future when good times will be shared on Sundays at mom's.