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Wedding Memories

The big day has come and gone and, like the day after Christmas, there is a slight disbelief that it could all be over. As I write this, my daughter and her new husband are honeymooning, while Bill and I are trying to adjust to the quiet. This is quite a difference from the days leading up to the wedding.

I can now say, from experience, that no matter how much you plan and organize, the week before a wedding there are always last minute mishaps that you simply cannot foresee. Take for instance the photo frames used to hold the guest's seating place cards. We picked them up from the printer and happily sat down to fit them into the silver frames. We quickly discovered the lettering was a bit too large. A trip back to the printer and a prayer she could redo them in one day, and we were back to work.

The special day dawned sunny and bright - a picture perfect day to get married. The beautiful bridesmaids and super excited flower girls gathered around the beaming bride while the photographer snapped away. The trolley seemed to be here much too early but actually it was right on time. I had been warned that this day would go by in a blink of an eye but it must have been the tears of joy that clouded my perception. An all too quick ride on the trolley and we were all delivered to the church with only a few minutes to spare.

With God's blessing, and surrounded by family and friends and the sounds of trumpets and flutes, our little girl became a wife. We parents of the bride and groom waltzed into the reception as if walking on air; truly a moment in time for us. The energy in the room was electric and the excitement contagious. The applause for the new married couple was so loud and enthusiastic that the music of the bag piper was barely heard.

The rest of the night went by in a whirl of dancing, as it seemed like every guest was up on the dance floor, swinging, swaying, or jumping up and down to the beat of the music. And then it was over. The lights were turned up, the music turned off and, like a dream, I wondered if this special day had really come and gone this fast. Today it feels a little like the day after Christmas. For so many months the dining room table was wedding central and now it's just empty and bare.

The champagne has gone flat, the flowers are wilting, and the house is really much too quiet, but that will take some time to get use to. Today is a day to remember. Before leaving the reception one of the waitresses shared her opinion that weddings are wasteful. She was right, I suppose. I think she was referring, in part, to all the cake that was left over and the party favors still left on some of the tables. Her ideal wedding, she said, would be to give her daughter a ladder and a check, which I assumed meant she hoped her daughter would elope. Well, not me. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.

The gift I'm keeping with me is the awesome memories of a celebration that was 15 months in the making. And, I'm looking forward to enjoying the same ceremonious memories when, very soon, it will be our youngest daughter, Katie, taking her walk down the aisle.